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Morrison 3-AMPStainless Steel Rail Joiners Pk 12

G Flex Track PK 118"W/Joiner or Clamp

Price: $125.00
In Stock: 12

Scale: G
G Stainless Steel track package to assemble two rails 10' long (cut by European metrics) with ten tracks ties and two stainless steel rail clamps completes the section of track. You may use this track on the straight away or bend the track with a bender any which way you want. No joints in 10' sections. This is the best 332 scale track on the market. Stainless Steel track does not need to be cleaned; just run your trains and enjoy.
NOTICE ABOUT ADDITIONAL SHIPPING CHARGES:If you by online/over the phone expect a call for additional shipping charges for the rails. We use R&L Shipping as they offer us the best rate. Shipping estimate will depend on customer location as it varys.
UPC: 8192017

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