The 64th
H&R Train Show

It will be Bigger and Better than ever.


Follow This Link To See All The "Photographs"
From The 63nd H&R Train Show

The Tents were Jammed Full With Over 70 displays

New Show Hours. There were numerous Clinics,
and Several Vendors, Manufacturers & Clinic Presenters on hand to display their merchandise, answer questions for visitors and teach Clinics on Model Railroading subjects. Door Prizes were drawn three times each day during the show. A great time was had by all as families enjoyed all the activities at the 63rd. H&R Train Show. See all the Winners here from the Competition at our 63rd Train Show

Parking - Additional parking was available All Three Days, just one block to the north at the rear of the ROOMS TO GO. The lot is actually On 34th st. behind their Store.

First Ever
Special Railroad Surplus Sale

If you were looking for that unique Model Railroad item that you just can't live without, you probably would have found it here, out in the tent.. We had both New and Experienced Model Railroad Equipment from Today and Yesterday. There were vintage Lionel Locomotive shells, Super "O" Track, New "HO" & "N" scale building kits, Old Magazines, Playmobile, Thomas &, Brio Wooden Trains, and anything else that we could no longer find room for on our shelves.

(Inside the store) we also need more room on our shelves for Christmas merchandise, so we offered a sale on any pre-owned items inside the store for 10% off their marked price.

The food for our 63rd H&R Train Show was provided by the folks from The CA CAFE In the Historic Seaboard Train Station in down town St. Petersburg.

Dan, Corrie, Abbie, Bob, Robbie, Lacey, & Robert all took turns serving Burgers, Hotdogs, Cubans, Meat Ball Subs, Soft Pretzels, Fries, Sodas, Water, Chips, & more.

Train Painting - Back by Popular Demand
H&R Trains Karen Larson hosted our FREE Ceramic Train Painting Workshop for Children, ages 3 to 7 on both Saturday and Sunday from 11am-1pm.

Participants were able to paint their personal artwork on a Paintable Ceramic Train Bank (Pictured below) during the show.

They were then be able to take it home and start saving pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters for your future train needs.

Each participating child was given an Unpainted Ceramic Locomotive Bank measuring just over 4 inches. We will also provided the appropriate painting material all free of charge.

At our last show we painted wooden train cars (Pictured below). Some of those were used in the down hill race on Saturday during the 62 show and lots of fun was had by all. If you wanted to participate in the down hill race this time, you could have brought your own unpowered wooden locomotive or train car or we would have loaned you one for the race.

Parents may watch but not help !
Click here to see a complete list of all the clinics
that will take place during the show


There are so many categories that it would be very difficult to describe them all in detail. The contests cover virtually every scale of model railroading including: "Z", "N", "TT", "HO", "S", "O", and "Large scale" which really includes several sizes including: #1 gauge, "G" Gauge which encompasses several different sales, plus "Standard Gauge", Buddy "L", and others. There are even models that are large enough to ride on that have participated in our show in the past but due to their large size and many unique designs it is hard to accommodate this wonderful group at our show without the space that would normally be required for them to operate.

The contests fall under one of the following : Child class (age 1-6), Youth class (age 7-15), Amateur class, Master class (for contestants that have won more than three Amateur ribbons), Club Class, and Exempt class (for display only).

We also have Many unique categories for the contests which include: Narrow gauge, Digital command control, both Railroad Circus, & Railroad Carnival equipment, Novelty, Memorabilia, Restoration, Diorama non operating, Super Detail, Individual Module, and our newest category: Railroad Photography which is described in detail below.

There was both Railroad Photography and Railroad Video categories similar to those at the National Conventions. There have been several excellent entries in the past and it seems to have inspired others to compete so we will continue this category at our future shows. Now is the time to get out with that camera and show us what you can do for our 64th H&R Train show.

Photos can be any railroad subject either model railroad or prototype. They can be black and white or color prints. You can also enter black and white or color slides however you must provide your own equipment to view them.

Videos can also be any railroad subject either model railroad or prototype. Video can be VHS tape or DVD. They can be any length, however you will need to select a two minute segment that you want the judges to view and you will need to que that same segment up for each of the judges. You will also need to provide your own equipment to view the video.

For over 38 years Model Railroaders have shared their layouts and experiences with eager on-lookers under our big tents. Modelers of all ages from novice to master participated in competition designed to showcase their abilities and talents.

This show is a great way to show off your skill and creativity for all of our visitors and an excellent opportunity for you to help inspire new modelers and help get them started with this wonderful hobby that we all enjoy.

It is not too late to start working on a new Layout, Diorama or possibly share some of your talents as a photographer for our 64th Train Show in April. There is a lot of railroad history out there just waiting to be documented by you with your camera or your creative ability with a train layout for the spring show in April.

Don't be afraid to bring your layout even if it is not finished and show the crowd how you build it as you are working on it.

A panel of distinguished judges view the entries on Friday evening in the various categories, with ribbons and gift certificates valued at $1,500 awarded to the winners on Saturday morning. Entries will be operated throughout the entire weekend.

63rd. H&R Train Show Judges left to right:

Chris Nagy - Fine Scale Modeler, Richard Jansen - President Pinellas Park Arts Society, Tim Caddell - Government Relations Administrator for Pinellas Park, Denis Gillen - President of Tampa Bay 56ers, Tom Shevlin - Assistant City Manager Pinellas Park, Alice Morris - Founder of H&R Trains.

.See all the Winners of the Competition
from the 63rd. H&R Train Show Here

Manufacturers, Vendors & Clinic Presenters

Click here to see all of the
Manufacturers, Vendors, & Clinic Presenters
who were here for our 63rd. H&R Train Show

Door Prizes

For those who came by to see the many fine displays, there were also Door prizes given away three times each day. These door prizes are most graciously supplied by our Manufacturers and are displayed throughout the show on the railroad cart in the Gazebo Garden Railroad area outside the store.

Alice actually got to run her train during the show. The S -MODULATOR railroad club got it down from the shelf over the ladies restroom and got it ready to run so that she could have some fun during the show.

For many of us our hobby brings back childhood memories of electric trains and families spending time together. There is no better way to do that than through the hobby of model railroading. It is H&R Trains extreme pleasure to produce our Semi-Annual Train Show and we look forward to seeing you at our Spring Show - March 15, 16, & 17, 2013

With so many layouts to see in all scales and so many manufacturers in attendance this show combines areas of model railroading that can only be seen together in this one of a kind event.

Down Hill Races

We once again had the two down hill race contests, on Saturday afternoon . These two contests have become extremely competitive and one of the highlights of the show. They are very popular and a lot of fun for everyone.

Karen Larson helped with both our Little Engineers Unpowered Downhill Wooden Locomotive Race and also with the "G" Scale Down Hill Race at our spring show.

Rick Armstrong (Pictured above) from Diverse Marketing represented "Brio" at our 63rd show. The race was held on Saturday between 3 - 4 PM. Rick presented our first place winner (Luke McConnie at left) and our second place winner (Jacob Gottfried at right) with their prizes.

Brio was our original sponsor when we first introduced this race over eight years ago. We are pleased that Brio has returned as our sponsor for this race at our

The wooden locomotives or railroad cars can be any brand or even home made but they must be able to run on the Brio wooden track. The locomotive or car that rolls the farthest wins.

Our "G. Scale Unpowered Downhill Rolling Stock Race" is sponsored by Bachmann. This race was held Saturday afternoon between 5:00-6:30 PM

This race is conducted on large scale or "G" Gauge track. The race vehicle must be an unpowered locomotive or piece of rolling stock and can be any brand or even home made. The race vehicle that rolls the farthest wins

There was always plenty of time to sharpen your skills and make adjustments to the race vehicles for both of these races. The tracks were open for practice Thursday afternoon, all day Friday, and right up until race time on Saturday.

Alice Morris (pictured above left) presents the first place prize, on behalf of Bachmann, to Robert Sacco (pictured above right). Bachmann was not able to be present at our 63rd show due to a scheduling conflict.

Pictured Below are some of the participants from our 63rd Train Show. We hope you had the opportunity to join us and look forward to seeing you at our 64th H&R Train Show - March 15, 16, & 17, 2013

There were many more things planned for the show including the self guided tours of our Pinellas Park Chamber of Commerce Building, "Park Station" (pictured below) Park Station was completed a little over five years ago. It sits on the land adjacent to the railroad tracks at Park Boulevard in Pinellas Park and is built in the style of a turn of the century railroad station. It has become a popular side trip on Friday during the show but you can tour the station anytime Monday Through Friday 9 - 4. Don't miss the museum of local artifacts on the second floor while you are there.
Pinellas Park Chamber of Commerce Building "Park Station"

Click Here To See More Park Station Pictures

Early visitors to Pinellas Park stepped off the train onto a platform in the middle of polmetto thickets and sugar cane fields. Later, a small wood frame station greeted new arrivals in the heart of the Pinellas Peninsula. From that spot, which is now Park Boulevard and 58th street, Pinellas Park grew to encompass 16 square miles and a population of over 47,000 residents. The platform for the new Park Station stands majestically alongside the tracks on Park Boulevard as a reminder of our past and an inspiration for our future

The two-story, brick Victorian-style Park Station is a focal point of the cities redevelopment area. The building is home to the City of Pinellas Parks Media and Public Events Division, City training classrooms, the Pinellas Park Mid-county Chamber of Commerce, the Pinellas Park Art Society, and the Pinellas Park Historical Society. In addition, Roe's Deli is located in the lobby area, offering a great variety of food and beverages. Visitors may stroll among displays featuring photos and artifacts from over 90 years of Pinellas Parks history.

Winners were announced during the awards ceremony on Saturday morning at 8AM. All the ribbons were awarded at that time. With the gift certificates being awarded later during the show.

Clinics were held all three days on a variety of subjects including: "How to build "Quick & Easy Scenery" with Don Morris on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

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