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Free Hand Router

Price: $29.95
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Hot Wire Foam Factory #018 - Freehand Router

Make the Blade Into Any Shape!! Comes with 5 ultra-stiff, yet shapable 10.5" wires that bolt onto the arms. Scoop out big or tiny pieces of foam for any level of control. The Freehand Router is to foam what the chisel was to stone. Features a handy on/off switch right on the handle and six feet of tool cord.

This tool does not come with a power supply. It can only be used with either the Multi-Heat Pro Power Station or the Variable Heat Pro Power Station. If you have an older Variable Heat Pro Power Station with only one plug for tools, let us know in the "notes" section at the end of the order form, and we will send you an adapter.

The Freehand Router PDF has more pictures and information.

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