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Yellow Wire 50FT Roll15" R Code 83 PKG 6 NS Brown Snap Track

Dash 8-40C GE Demonstrator Road #001

Price: $115.99
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Atlas Master Line N 51839 GE Dash 8-40C, GE Demonstrator "Web W. Moorse" #001


First built for Union Pacific in the late 1980s by General Electric, the DASH 8-40C diesel locomotives were identified by an enlarged exhaust stack and the mounting of the dynamic brake grids in a square-like unit behind the cab, which housed an enlarged equipment blower fan. These six-axle, 4,000 hp engines are still in service today in North america.


Decoder ready Separate coupler cut lever Directional lighting Golden white LEDs Painted safety rails Blackened metal wheels Dual flywheel equipped 5-pole skewed armature motor with a low friction mechanism Factory-installed AccuMate magnetic knuckle couplers


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