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33' Twin Bay Hopper w/Load - FriscoN 50' STD Box Car Single Dr MKT #2366

N, National Packing Co. Rd# 455

Price: $26.50
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Micro Trains N Scale National Packing Company 40' Steel Ice Reefer, Rd #455 (1 car)- 05900161

N, National Packing Co. Rd# 455

These 40' steel ice reefers are painted brown with reefer orange sides with black lettering, white lettering on the ends and National Packing Company black, white and red billboard maps right of the doors. They were rebuilt in 1962 and ran nationawide on Bettendorf trucks. These reefers were capable of carrying 1,836 cu. ft. Of freight. They were leased from Merchants Despatch Transportation Corporation (MERX).


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