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40' Standard Boxcar, N de ME50' Rib Side Boxcar - Cadiz RR

N Micro-Trains 50' Box Car - Conrail

Price: $20.90
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Road Number CR 157146

This 50' rib side box car with single door and no roofwalk is painted brown with yellow door and white logo and lettering. It has an unknown built date but displays a service date of September 1981. It runs on Barber Roller Bearing trucks. Conrail is a governmental organization operated by the United States Railway Administration (USRA). Shortly after Penn Central went bankrupt in 1970, Congress created the United States Railway Administration (USRA) to plan a reorganization of the railroad and to act as its banker. The result was Consolidated Rail Corporation (abbreviated ConRail, then to conrail).

UPC: 695140046737

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