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Micro-Trains 04900660 "N" Gleuck Brewing40' Wood Reefer - Heilman Brewing Co.

Muessel Brewing Co. 40' Sheathed Reefer

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Micro-Trains 04900670 "N" Silver Edge Muessel Brewing Co. 40' Wood Sheathed Reefer (Rd# MSEX 1002)

Scale: N

This 40' wood sheathed reefer with vertical brake wheel is the fourth offering in the Brewery Reefer Series. A number of these breweries leased refrigerator cars from Merchants Despatch. MSEX was rebuilt at MDT shops in East Rochester. In March 1934 it was assigned to the Muessel Brewing Company of South Bend, Indiana, makers of "Silver Edge" beer, "Indiana's Fines."
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