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Micro-Trains 04900650 Prima 40' ReeferMuessel Brewing Co. 40' Sheathed Reefer

Micro-Trains 04900660 "N" Gleuck Brewing

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Micro-Trains 04900660 "N" Gleuck Brewing Co. 40' Double Sheathed Wood Reefer (Rd# N.R.C.3353)

Scale: N

This 40' wood sheathed reefer with vertical brake wheel is the third offering in the Brewery Reefer Series. This release represents the Gluek Brewing Company of Minneapolis, MN. A successful brewery, it was turning out 44 barrels of beer a day. The breery survived Prohibition, but was eventually sold to G. Heilemann in 1964. He torn the place down two years later. The Gluek's label was acquired by the Cold Spring Brewing Company, which today produces beer for the Gluek's restaurant in downtown Minneapolis.
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