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50' Missouri Pacific Boxcar, Single DoorMicro-Trains BC Rail 50' Rib Side Boxcar

Missouri Pacific 50' Single Door Box Car

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Micro-Trains Missouri Pacific 50' Rib Side Box Car, Single Door, w/o Roofwalk (Rd# 357198)

Built in April 1975, these 50' rib side box cars are painted one UP Armour Yellow with aluminum roof and the other MP brown. Both are sparingly adorned with the small UP shield to the right and MP reporting mark to the left. MP 357200 is also marked with the “Building America” slogan in small black lettering. They have a 220,000 lb, 5090 cu ft. capacity. Designated XP these cars have nailable steel floors and are rated at 50K with Lading Strap Anchors. They are specially equipped and structurally suitable for a specific commodity or purpose. Cars of this type may also be used in Rocket Booster train or Clearance Car service.
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