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HO F-3 A/B Santa Fe Set Proto Sound 3HO 5-CAR Streamlined Smooth set N&W

HO MTH ES44AC G.E.Evolution Proto3 & DCC

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HO MTH GE ES44AC - Proto-Sound 3.0 & DCC

G.E. Evolution 2010

GE claims the EVOs are "the most fuel-efficient, most environmentally friendly diesel locomotives in history..."

Before they went on sale in 2005, 52 preproduction units were tested in revenue service across the continent for more than a year.

Every Big Six railroad has ponied up to buy the ES44, with the BNSF currently rostering the largest EVO fleet.

Around the world, over 3,700 Evolution Series diesels are operating in 10 countries.

Models boast a fine combination of detail, realism, and performance.

Features include ABS body, die cast metal chassis, metal handrails, horn and body side grilles, detachable snow plow,

authentic paint scheme, directionally controlled headlights, lighted cab interior, powerful 5-pole precision flywheel-equipped skew-wound balanced motor and more.


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