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Athearn Genesis B&O F7A/F7B Freight LocoF7A/F7B DL&W Freight DCC w/Sound

Athearn 22636 PRR F7A/F7B w/Snd & DCC

Price: $413.99
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Athearn Genesis HO G22636 F7 A/B Freight, Pennsylvania Railroad #9764A/B (DCC and Sound Equipped)

  • Eyebrow grabs

  • Nose-side ladder grabs

  • Ladder-rest grabs

  • Trainfone antennas

  • Screw-mounted chassis

  • Individual window "glass"

  • Detailed battery boxes/air tank with brackets

  • Fully detailed 1200-gallon or 1500-gallon fuel tank with brackets

  • Partial or complete de-skirting if needed

  • Lift lugs (as appropriate), front and rear

  • MU hoses, coupler cut levers and air hoses, front and rear

  • Onboard Tsunami sound and DCC decoder

  • Individual sound boards installed in both the A-unit and B-Unit

  • Sound units are Dual-mode, compatible with both DCC and DC operations

  • In DCC mode, all functions are NMRA compatible.

  • In DCC mode, you can program an MU lashup with lead unit only horn, bell and lights

  • Fully functional headlights and Mars lights (where applicable) in both modes

  • Operating back-up light (where applicable)

  • Genesis driveline with dynamically balanced five-pole skew-wound motor and flywheels

  • Directional constant lighting

  • UPC:797534226364

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