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Athearn Genesis F3 A/B Freight LocosF7A/F7B DL&W Freight DCC w/Sound

Athearn Genesis B&O F7A/F7B Freight Loco

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Athearn Genesis 22520 "HO" Baltimore & Ohio F7A/F7B Freight Locomotive Set #4535/#5446


Scale: HO

Key Features
~ Screw-mounted chassis
~ Individual window "glass"
~ Detailed battery boxes/air tank with brackets
~ Fully detailed 1200-gallon or 1500-gallon fuel tank with brackets
~ Partial or complete de-skirting if needed
~ Lift lugs (as appropriate), front and rear
~ MU hoses, coupler cut levers and air hoses, front and rear
~ 1967 paint scheme: this is the B&O's fifth and final F-unit paint scheme, which lasted well into the 1970s (and the Chessie System era)
~ B&O-specific details including triangular spark arrestors and unique back-up light on the B-units


After the end of World War Two, the replacement of steam power with diesels became a major focus of America's railroads. The F7 and predecessor F3 from EMD were by far the choice for replacing mainline freight locomotives. Available as cab and booster units, they were powered by a 1,500 horsepower 16-cylinder non-turbocharged 567 diesel engine. Between February 1949 and December 1953, 2,366 F7As and 1,483 F7Bs were built.

Baltimore & Ohio was founded in 1827 as the nation's first common-carrier railroad. The next year, on July 4, 1828, Charles Carroll of Carrollton, the last surviving signer of the Declaration of Independence, broke the first ground in the construction of the railroad in Baltimore. From Baltimore, the railroad would build west across Maryland and Virginia (now the state of West Virginia) to the Ohio River. Another line ran northeast through Philadelphia to New York City and a branch was built from Baltimore through Washington DC and rejoined the "Old Main" at Point of Rocks, Maryland. From the Ohio River, the "Great National Route" went west across the southern parts of Ohio, Indiana and Illinois to St Louis. At Grafton, West Virginia, another line went north to Wheeling, West Virginia, then with a zigzag route across Ohio, continued on to Chicago. At Cumberland, Maryland, a branch went northwest to Pittsburgh. Later, a more direct route would be built from Pittsburgh to the original Chicago Division main line at Willard, Ohio.

Between 1949 and 1953, B&O took delivery of eight orders for F7s. The F7s were numbered as sets into four groups. The first group was the even numbers from 180 through 192. The second group was the odd numbers from 231 through 297. The third number series was 363 through 374 and the fourth was again the odd numbers from 929 through 993. In an A-B-A set, the first F7A carried just the basic road number such as 283 while the second F7A had an "A" suffix such as 283A. The F7B had an "X" suffix, 283X for example. In an A-B-B-A set, the second F7B had an "AX" suffix, 180AX for example. Later the F7s were renumbered as individual units and the suffixes were dropped. The F7As got numbers 4480 through 4636 and the F7Bs were numbered 5420 through 5519.

In 1963, Baltimore & Ohio was acquired by Chesapeake and Ohio. B&O had owned Western Maryland since the 1920s, so WM was also brought into the new system. Among the first changes were a common numbering system and similar paint schemes for B&O and C&O rolling stock and locomotives. For locomotives, the new paint scheme was a dark blue body with a yellow frame stripe and black fuel tank and trucks. The lettering was yellow and consisted of either "B&O" or "C&O" on the sides and a number. Either the B&O "Capitol Dome" herald or the "C&O For Progress" herald was painted in yellow on the nose.

F7A number 4492 was delivered on order number E1079 as number 192 in September 1949 as the lead unit in an A-B-B-A set. F7A 4535 was originally number 275A; the second F7A in an A-B-A set delivered in December 1950 as part of order number 6161. F7B 5446 was part of an A-B-A set as number 235X and was delivered in August 1950 on order number 3034B. F7A 4542 was delivered in January 1950 on order 6207, the lead unit of an A-B-A set as number 283. F7B 5511 was part of B&O's last F7 order, order number 6467, delivered in January 1953 as 977X.
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