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Here is the plan for the clinics:

The clinics will be based on building a layout from start to finish. The first class will be on designing a layout and laying the track. All the way to the last class being the details in the scenery. The clinics will cost $10. Each clinic you pay to come to you will actually receive a ticket to put in a drawing for the layout that we build during the classes. We will also provide some beverages and snacks. In order to set up the first clinic we have to have enough sign ups.

Please email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it if you would be interested in being apart of our clinics.

How We Were Once Considered the Largest in the USA Not Just FL!

The #1 store, "Caboose Hobbies" in Denver Colorado, the largest largest Train Store in the United States and in the world, is sadly, closing it's doors.

It was nearly three times as large as H&R Trains and owned by our good friends Duane Miller and his wife Joanna. It had been a family owned business since 1939.

Our Customers from all over the world have often told us that we were the best when it came to Selection, Service, and Product Knowledge. We have worked very hard for over 40 years to earn your Business and we are very grateful for all our loyal customers.

We know you have a multitude of choices out there from which to buy your trains. We try very hard to act as your personal purchasing agent to find you the very best quality trains that will give you and your family years of enjoyment.

A number of years ago we were considered by many to be the third largest train store in the country. During June of 2007 while we were in California at the "Big Train Show", we heard that "Allied Trains" in Culver City, California (which was #2) closed its doors for the last time. We just happened to be in the neighborhood when they closed so we went to investigate.

As it turns out our good friend Fred Hill from "The Original Whistle Stop" in Pasadena, California had bought the name "Allied Trains" and had already opened up the new store right across the street from the old Allied Trains location. It was however a much smaller store, and it did not pay it's way. Fred will however continue to offer the former Allied Trains customers the same friendly service he is known for, only he will do so at the "Original Whistle stop" in Pasadena California. We wish him well and are glad that he was able to be there to continue to serve the Allied Trains customers.

Both Duane Miller and Fred Hill say we are all friendly competitors and they are right. We all promote the hobby in our own unique way, we share some of the same customers, and each of us has been around a long time helping our customers find just the right train to enjoy our wonderful hobby.


H&R Trains has a new owner

Alice and I are both well beyond retirement age, (in our mid seventies), and although we both really love what we do, we would really like to spend some quality time together traveling and spending more time with our extended families.

We have good employees that will help Colin carry on what Ailce and I have had so much fun doing together for so many wonderful years.

Colin is young and has lots of new ideas to carry on the legacy of what has become one of the most successful model railroad businesses in the USA. H&R Trains has become known world wide as: "A Model Railroaders Paradise".

H&R Trains is a beautifully set up model train store, with everything you need for the ultimate model railroading experience from the beginner to the most experienced modeler.

This is a full-service business with a repair shop, warehouse, an operating outdoor garden railroad, a library and learning center, and a massive web site and on-line shopping cart H&R Trains has well established customers from all over the globe, from near and far- both young and old- who have helped with our "continued growth for over 40 years".

We have evolved into the 2nd-largest train store in the USA. We are situated on nearly an Acre of prime real estate on the central west coast of Florida. A must-see opportunity, not to be missed.

Stop by and meet Colin and help him carry on with this wonderful business for the next 41 years.

Alice and I will come by often to help in any way that we can but Colin has been a long time customer, and we are delighted that he will be here to carry on this business for all our customers.

Alice & Don Morris


Well, first let me thank Alice and Don for giving me the opporturnity to continue running H&R Trains. I know it was an extremely hard decision for them to let go of a store that they owned and operated for over 40 years. I will continue to run H&R Trains the way they did. Thank you again for allowing this to happen.

Colin Morris