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F7A/F7B DL&W Freight DCC w/SoundHO GP7, SF/Zebra #2855

HO Athearn Genesis 40508 GP38-2 Southern

Price: $179.98
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Athearn Genesis 40508 "HO" GP38-2 Southern Diesel Locomotive #5016

Key Features:

~ All-new tooling

~ DCC ready using Quick Plug technology

~ 81" high nose

~ Hood-end mounted bell

~ EMD optional "switcher" stepwells

~ Early dynamic extended-range dynamic brake housing with resistor grid details, and oil-bath air filters

~ Front and rear Nathan P-3 horns with all-forward chimes (all-new castings)

~ Lost-wax brass "Firecracker" radio antenna

~ Dual control stands

~ Dual-panel "chicken wire" style radiator intake grills

~ Wide-spaced 48" radiator fans

~ Separately-applied lost-wax brass long hood walkway lights (all-new castings)

~ Early ECAFB (stand-off style)

~ MU hose "catch" trays on pilots

~ Early under cab access door

~ Early battery box door with short louvers

~ Dual-end sanding lines

~ Dual "Salem" air filters w/ piping

~ 2600 gallon fuel tank

~ McHenry scale knuckle spring couplers

~ Separately applied wire grab irons

~ Window glazing

~ Operating headlights utilizing microbulbs
UPC: 797534405080

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