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Little Engineers Club February 17th


The class is on Train Stations. We will be playing a game in relation to trains. Trains will be running in the garden. The classes are geared toward the age groups and we try to adjust accordingly. We hope you can come and join in the fun and festivities with your Little Engineer.

Little Engineers Club (ages 3-6) 10:30 am - 11:30 am

Junior Engineers Club (ages 7-13) 12:30 am - 1:30 pm

Junior Engineer's Club


The Junior Engineer's Club is a step up from the Little Engineer's Club. The age group is 7-13. It is held at 12:30 pm on the same day as the Little Engineer's Club.

In February's class every Junior Engineer that comes will get to help come up with a new name for their club. So have your Junior Engineer come to class with a new name to submit.

After the class the staff will vote on the top 3 names. Then those top 3 names will be put into a poll on Facebook where our Facebook followers will get to vote on the new name. The name with the most votes will win a prize. The new name will then be used for all future classes. 

Also during the class the engineers will be discussing their ideas on what they would like to learn in the future. The class generally cost $10 but with the Junior Engineer's club being in the redevelopment stages it will be cut to $5 for this class only. This will help us get the supplies for the next class. 

Snacks and drinks will be provided for your Junior Engineer.