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DB150 5 Amp Command Station/Booster

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Digitrax DB150 Smart Booster with Auto Reverse 5 Amp


Detailed Description

Note: When using the DB150 as a Command Station, it does not support a Programming Track for CV read back. If this feature is desired the DCS100 would be the better choice.

This 5 Amp booster gives you plenty of power to run several trains at a time. Even though blocking is not required for train control, you may find that you wish to section your layout because you want to run more locomotives than one power pack can handle or to keep the layout from shutting down when there is a short in any given power section. The DB150 also works as a powerful booster for other DCC compatible command stations, too.

Full LocoNet Capabilities.
  • Up to 22 throttles in command station mode.

  • Use with any LocoNet throttle (DT400 series, DT300 series, DT100 series, DT200, UT2, UT1, BT2, Computer throttle)

  • Built in broadcast write only programmer. Genesis uses Paged Programming method exclusively.

  • Built in 5 Amp Digital Command Control Booster Rated at 80VA.

  • Accepts either 50/60Hz AC or DC input from your existing power supply. Minimum input voltage: 12V AC or DC, Maximum input voltage: 22V AC or 28V DC. The power supply you use should be within this range and should be overload protected for a maximum output of 4.5 amps DC.

  • Auto resetting over temperature & short circuit protection.

  • Digitrax Boosters are safe for use with all scales because they are multi scale selectable for N through G scale operations. N Scale=12V, HO Scale=15V, O/G Scale=20V.

  • Track Status indicator shows voltage and signal type (DCC or "Zero Stretch" Analog Signal for conventional operation.)

  • Stabilized Track Drive Output. Over Voltage Protected.

  • Intelligent Auto Reversing Booster. This option is selectable when you are operating one DB150 or DCS100 as the main system booster and an additional DB150 as the Auto Reverser. With this configuration, you can totally automate one or more reverse loops. The train crosses the gap, if the DB150 senses a short, it automatically matches the track polarities and the train keeps going

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