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TSU-750 For Heavy SteamTsunami GE Gevo-12 Sound Decoder

TSU-1000 For EMD 645 Diesel Engines

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Soundtraxx 827102 TSU-1000 Tsunami DCC Sound Decoder - EMD 645

Tsunami TSU-1000 Digital Sound Decoder This decoder is for EMD 645 diesel engines - GP15T, GP39, GP39-2, GP40, GP40-2, SD39, SD40, SD40A, SD40T-2, SD45, F45, FP45, and DDA40X. Includes the following Airhorns: Wabco E2 Leslie S3L, S5T, RS3L, RS5T, A125/A200 Combo Nathan K3L, K3LA, K5LA, M3, M5, P3, P5 (Early), P5A Holden M3H, K5H The Tsunami TSU-1000 is SoundTraxx's high-performance, onboard locomotive sound system. The TSU-1000 is a versatile 1 amp decoder integrating a full-featured sound system, four Hyperlight lighting effects, a motor controller and a DCC decoder into a single, integrated package and is compatible with the NMRA DCC standards and Recommended Practices. The TSU-1000 is designed to fit a large variety of models in both steam and diesel, in a one-size-fits-all format. To keep the size down, only components available in highly miniaturized packages were selected for use in the Tsunami. The TSU-1000 measures 1.68" x 0.68" x 0.25". Two removable wire harnesses provide connections for power, lights and speaker(s). The TSU-1000 is especially flexible for installation in older brass and pre DCC-ready models.

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